Entrepreneurship excites everyone around the globe, but there are only a few people who follow the path and achieve success. Andre Hakkak is that name who served in key positions in various finance firms and established a few as well. He is a great visionary leader and entrepreneur whose journey inspires people. Read the article to learn about  Andre Hakkak’s career, key moments, and decisions that shaped it. From establishing innovative ventures to overcoming challenges with determination, Hakkak’s journey inspires and empowers aspiring entrepreneurs.

About Andre Hakkak

Early Beginnings

As a youngster, Andre Hakkak discovered the driving force and inspiration for entrepreneurship. He was born to a modest family. Fueled by inventiveness and a craving for success, he began his journey. Throughout the process, Hakkak exhibited an inherent talent for perceiving opportunities and converting the chances into a successful venture.


Andre Hakkak’s educational journey reflects his desire to learn. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Miami. Then, he obtained a Master’s in Real Estate Development and Finance from Columbia University in New York City. These academic achievements were recognized with various accolades, showcasing Hakkak’s dedication to excellence. Through investing in his education and acquiring relevant accreditations, he equipped himself with the necessary skills to solve the complexities of the business world. His educational background is a solid foundation for his innovative strategies and visionary leadership in entrepreneurship and beyond.


Company White Oak Global Advisors Swag.com
Founder Andre Hakkak Andre Hakkak
Industry Investment Management E-commerce
Specialization Managing assets, providing financing Customizable promotional items
Mission To provide investment management solutions for businesses To simplify procurement of customizable promotional items
Key Achievements Managing over $10 billion in assets Streamlining procurement process
Notable Services Financing solutions for SMEs Wide range of customizable products

Legal Challenges

Andre Hakkak has encountered challenges along the way. Notably, on July 2, 2022, the Trustees of the New York State Nurses Association Pension Plan initiated a civil lawsuit against him and another co-founder of White Oak Global Advisors. The lawsuit alleged technical violations of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act 1974.

Final Words 

Andre Hakkak’s journey is of perseverance and resilience. He overcame the challenges and earned a name in the finance and investment domain. Today, he is not only creating wealth but also providing insights to young and aspiring entrepreneurs. He faced legal challenges during his tenure at White Oak Global Advisors, but it never deterred his spirit and he tackled everything with ease. His works in the domain of empowering the Small-Medium Scale Enterprises and popularizing sustain growth are the notable initiatives that further increase his status among the peers.


What are Andre Hakkak’s educational qualifications?

He earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Miami and a master’s degree in Real Estate Development And Finance from the University of Columbia.

Name the companies founded by Andre Hakkak.

He founded White Oak Global Advisors, Alpine Global, Inc, Suisse Global Investments, and an e-commerce platform named Swag.com.

How did Andre Hakkak earn a name in the investment and finance industry?

He completed his formal education in business and finance and then pursued a career in the same field. He helped many people in their investment journey while serving key positions at White Oak Global Advisors and Suisse Global Investment.