Can the influence of social media turn likes into learning? It is a very good topic for debate and the pros can overshadow the cons and vice versa. You cannot keep this aspect aside while living in this digital age.

This platform has made the flow of information quite easy between students and educators. It can make interactions better when someone has some doubts to clear. However, one would need a basic device like a smart phone or a laptop to be present in social media.

From trivial to significant investment is necessary to own a gadget that can help in easy communication between students and teachers. A phone is something that is quite affordable, unlike a desktop or laptop.

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It not only has enhanced communication but also extended the classroom beyond a simple room. Keep reading if you are curious to know how this platform is revolutionizing the mode of education.

Social Media As An Educational Tool

A student can explore different types of information on a given topic in a matter of a few minutes. Thanks to the different social media platforms! They are slowly converting into a search engine.

With more and more users finding existing via social media, resources of information are also adding up. Some of the platforms allow educators to participate in exchanging ideas with students.

One thing you cannot deny is that this medium can intrigue some bad habits in the student also.  However, careful and calculated hours of engagement in social media cannot be so harmful.

Here note how this platform can help and harm you as a student by understanding its pros and cons.

Benefits: Online Way Of Learning

The education imparted inside the four walls is a traditional way. This will continue to be followed through the ages. The advent of the internet and smart gadgets has introduced a different level of learning.

One can easily access e-books, online tutorials, online coaching services etc by being present in any of the social media platforms. The teacher can now easily get in touch with parents also via this medium.

It will help the parents to keep track of the progress of their child. Besides, collecting notes and classroom teachings is easy now. They are shared within the online community groups.

Above all, the student can get access to course material even when the school remains closed for some time. One can think of pursuing a course from a distant college with the help of social media.

Benefits: Improves The Creative Skills

Social media is a representation of creativity. It can help a student to inculcate the same skills effortlessly. Interesting interactions between creative personalities can only take place via social media.

It is because people irrespective of time zone, distance, age, gender etc can find footing via this platform. Anyone can create an account on social media and represent their skills.

Unlike the past when showcasing skills was a major challenge for any creative soul, social media is a blessing for this internet generation.

A social media influencer has become a famous profession these days. With growing opportunities, the competition will also be immense on these platforms. Being unique and consistent is the only way to survive the competition.

Benefits: Improvement In Academic Performance

The social media platform has let students access huge amounts of information with just a few clicks on the mouse. It unfolds the magnitude of information that can easily equate to many books.

You can imagine how overwhelming it could be to search for information from multiple physical books. On the flip side, you can use some smart functionality to filter the information available online to find out what you have been looking for.

In the case of books, such tools will be of no use as they are accessible online also. A student should read books while keeping track of what is happening in the online world.

Having a balance between both is essential. It is the duty of the parents to safeguard their child’s future.

Drawbacks: Social Media Can Cause Distraction

So much information is available online. A young student might not be able to filter what is useful and what is harmful. Moreover, it will be quite challenging for the students to prevent distractions.

Scrolling down the various social media posts seems very interesting. They fail to keep track of the time while doing this. When they realise, they have already consumed a lot of their time on these distractions.

They will need the help of their parents to overcome these distractions. The guardian should set reminders to make them alert about the amount of time they have wasted in doing nothing but just scrolling.

Drawbacks: Lacking Practical Knowledge

A student can learn a theory by seeing a video on the internet. However, they should not miss the actual representation of it covered by the teacher in the class.

Simply depending on the virtual platform for education will slowly turn them an internet slave. It will gradually spoil the analytical skills of the student.

One should not solely depend on social media for studying. They should club physical classroom learning and online resources to score good marks in the examination.

The Bottom Line

The careful usage of this social media platform can do wonders. However, these immature minds might not be aware of the downsides of social media attachment. Teachers and parents should play a significant role in helping student make the most of this platform for positive results.